pourTECH™ 3D Line Laser Sensor

The 3D laser™ system is suited for all mould line applications. The size of the sprue cup is recommended to be 2.5 the size of the nozzle diameter, still getting sufficient measurement data and high reliability.

The 3D laser™ system consists of a line laser generator and a 3-D Sensor. The two units are positioned on opposing sides of the pouring nozzle. The 3D sensor consists of a C-MOS laser camera receiver and a positioning (single point) laser. The line laser generator projects a laser line across the top of the mould. By viewing the line from the opposing side, the line sensor determines the profile (and elevation) of the line. This allows the 3-D Laser System to find the pouring cup and then provide real-time iron level feedback to the control system.

Eliminates The Need Of Laser Tail

The Line Laser does not require the traditional "laser tail", which means that you need less iron to fill the sprue cup compared to the single laser system.

Developed For A Rough Environment

Developed For A Rough Environment The 3-D system's two components are housed in water-cooled jackets made by stainless steel. The system includes a self-contained, closed loop cooling system, ensuring the optimum operating temperature. There is also an air purge system providing positive pressure inside the jackets, keeping dirt away from the sensor optics.

The 3D laser™ Pouring Process

1) Positioning mold index
When a new mold is indexed to the pouring location, the positioning laser detects the approaching of the mold.

2) Cup detection
The 3D laser™ system detects the location of the sprue cup.

3) Positioning and pouring
The system positions the pouring nozzle and laser line precisely over the cup and the pouring starts.