About pour-tech AB


>1978: The first (open-loop) laser based pouring system, "OptoPour", was developed by Selcom (Selective Electronic Co.). OptoPour was installed on all Roberts Roto-Pour lines at GM's Central Foundries and FORD Cleveland Foundry.

>1984: The first (closed-loop) laser based pouring system, "LASERPOUR", was developed together with Waupaca Foundry. LaserPour systems were in operation by 1985.

> 1995: LMI Technologies Ltd., acquired Selcom. The LaserPour group became its own profit center.

> 2004: The LaserPour group was moved to KOINS Co. Ltd,. and the pourTECH system (the next generation LaserPour) was born.

> 2009: The US office of KOINS was acquired by Viking Technologies, Inc. It is operated by the former US Selcom/LMI/KOINS staff.

> 2011: The Swedish office of KOINS was acquired by pour-tech AB, It is operated by the former Swedish Selcom/LMI/KOINS staff.

pour-tech AB is responsible for sales and support of pouring systems in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


The pourTECH™ group is located at different places in the world and has several representatives. pour-tech AB is focused on analysing and understanding the customer's needs - drawing on decades of experience and enabling us to provide the best and most cost effective solution for each application. We have succeeded in building a strong relationship with our customers by exchanging ideas, concepts, and improving our product with advancing technology, thus giving the customer the competitive edge. The ultimate proof of our pouring solution is evident in the number of repeat customers.

Armed with quality equipment and superior support, the pourTECH™ system is fast becoming the preferred automatic pouring system for leading foundries around the world. Since 1st July 2011 the European organization became independent and is working from Gothenburg / Sweden in the company pour-tech AB. pour-tech AB, KOINS Co. Ltd. in Asia and Viking Technologies in USA, forming a very strong team the pourTECH™ group.

The pourTECH™ group is working together with designing, manufacturing and service for the pourTECH™ system worldwide.