Furnace Application

pour-tech AB can increase the productivity of your foundry with a retrofit system for new and existing pouring furnaces by using the pourTECH™ pouring control system.

Launder Level Control Laser

Furnace ApplicationNon-contact laser measurement of the pour box or launder level provides accurate proportional pressure control inside the furnace. This results in a significant reduction of air or nitrogen consumption during operation. Non-contact sensors are recommended for launder level measurements, as they are more reliable and precise than contact type level sensors. For protection the launder level lasers are mounted inside a water-cooled jacket made of stainless steel.

In combination with a pourTECH™ control system, the launder level regulation becomes an integrated part of the pouring system. Set point levels, alarm levels and pressure delivery speeds are easily altered from the operator interface, to ensure maximum performance.

Furnace Power Control

The pourTECH™ system has built in functionality for control of pouring furnace power of different brands. The operation of the power control is integrated into the pourTECH™ system, using the same operator panel HMI as the rest of the system. Parameters such as switching times etc. are entered into a special furnace inductor screen. The same screen is used for visualization of any information given by the inductor hardware, such as voltage, current, power, phase-angle, resistance and reactance. The control system also has a wear-trend calculation and visualization, which simplifies monitoring of the inductor status and help planning of inductor changes. The inductor can be operated in manual, automatic and superheat mode. A special mode called sintering mode can be used during sintering of a new inductor. A furnace power control within pourTECH™ is always combined with a hardware backup solution to prevent any freezing of the inductor.

Pour Box

The pour box is designed for the installation on a pouring furnace. It comes with all needed supports and brackets for the installation of the pouring control equipment The pour box will be installed on an existing or new pouring furnace. The interface between the pour box and the furnace is the existing flange plate of the furnace. In order to minimize the heat losses, the pourbox is equipped with a pneumatic oporated lid.

Furnace Pressure Control

Furnace pressure control and furnace pour spout level regulation can be supplied as an integrated part of the pourTECH™ system.By having the same system controlling both furnace pressure and pouring sequences, a higher level of security is achieved when pressurization is interlocked with stopper actuator movements. Pressurization and launder level regulation is operated and controlled fully automatically. Set point levels, pressure limits, manual ramp speeds and other parameters are entered via a dedicated screen on the pourTECH™ operator panel. Feedback information such as actual pressure, actual pour spout level and alarm messages are visualized on that same screen. Special screens for maintenance exist in the service section of the HMI, all to simplify any troubleshooting. The regulation software is specially designed to handle the various conditions when slowly emptying the furnace during pouring and when quickly filling the furnace when re-charging with fresh iron. All to maintain a stable level of iron in the pouring spout.

Pressure Delivery System

To lift the molten melt into the pour box, the furnace is equipped with an accurate proportional pressure delivery system. By applying compressed gas to the bath level inside the furnace, the liquid iron is raised in the pour spout where it is held at a defined level by means of a bath regulation. The pressure in the furnace is controlled directly by the launder level. Depending on the type of iron, either dry compressed air or an inert gas can be used.