pourTECH™ Automatic Instream Inoculation System

The in stream inoculation unit consists of a stainless steel, heat protected injection unit. The unit maintains the pre-selected feed rate (auger rotation speed) at all time with an electric servomotor that controls the speed rotation of the screw conveyer and provides feedback to the servo controller.

Automatic Error Checking

The dosing unit also provides automatic error checking, using a variety of sensors to check for:

Integrated In The pourTECH™ System

The in stream inoculation control can be integrated into the pourTECH™ automatic pouring control system, giving the pourTECH™ system full control over the inoculation unit. In doing this, pourTECH™ makes it possible to individualize the inoculation rate for each job. By controlling the timing of the inoculation signal, pourTECH™ can ensure that the first inoculants reach the pour cup together with the iron so that the entire casting is inoculated. In addition, the pourTECH™ system monitors all alarms and can provide a quality record for every casting. The integrated control system allows easy calibration of the feed rate and various monitoring functions and is designed for reliable operation. Diagnostic information is avaible on the HMI. With the performance of the inoculation system by the pourTECH™ system, it can become part of a permanent quality record and stored in a plant database. When delivered with a pourTECH™ system the controls for the inoculation unit is embedded in the pourTECH™ control system.

Inoculation Stand Alone Control Unit

A stand alone control unit is available for foundries operating molding lines without a pourTECH pouring system. This control unit offers an operator interface for entering the feed rates, calibrating the dosing unit and fault monitoring. The stand alone unit can be operated in local or remote mode. In local mode, the operator enters the feed rate manually. In remote mode, the feed rate determined by a 4-20mA analog input. The start and stop of the inoculation cycle is controlled via digital inputs to the unit. the event of a fault condition, an audible and visual alarm with a contact output will be activated, allowing the stand alone unit to be interfaced with a pouring system.