pourTECHâ„¢ Single point laser sensor

Single Point Laser Technology

The single point laser system is suitable for high speed vertical mould lines. Since the measurement is done in a special area we call "laser tail", the technology is applicable where there are extremely small sprue cups. It provides high speed and accuracy, allowing for peak control performance.

Fits In Limited Spaces

Since mounting of the laser system requires very little space it is an alternative solution where it is impractical to use the 3D laserâ„¢ system due to lack of space. The single point laser sensor use traditional laser triangulation and features a visible laser light source. The point laser requires a "laser tail" on the sprue cup for positioning.

Developed For A Rough Environment

Developed For A Rough Environment The Laser is housed in a double walled, stainless steel Water Cooled Jacket. In addition, the system features an air purge blower system, for keeping dirt away from the optics.