Unheated Automatic Pouring System

Non-heated Pouring Ladle

The non-heated bottom pouring ladle is suitable for grey, mellable, ductile, CGI and mixed production. The pouring ladle provides continuous operation by allowing the ladle to be refilled without interrupting the pouring.
Comapred with tilt pouring, bottom pouring prevents floating slag from entering the mold, smaller pouring cups and more accurate pouring control. By designing the ladle correctly, the temperature loss and ductility fade rate can be controlled within tight tolerances

Back Tilt Frame

The ladle system can be equipped with a hydraulically actuated back tilt frame, recommended for ductile iron operation or when metal grades are frequently changed. This function also includes a hydraulic power pack.

Automatic Level Compensation

Automatic level compensation is a software function that reads the weight of the pouring ladle by load cell sensors built into the ladle frame. It dynamically and automatically compensates the pouring control for variations in the ferrostatic pressure in the ladle. The operator is also infomed of the contents (weight) of the ladle and when the ladle has to be refilled with new iron.

Ladle Sizes