pourTECHâ„¢ Vision Sensor

The Vision Camera technology used in the pourTECHâ„¢ system is state of art components integrated with the control system. Vision technology is used for flask line applications where large pouring cups are used and positioning is not required. By accumulating the number of illuminated pixels in each measurement squares, a measurement proportional to the metal level in the pour cup is obtained. This level signal is further used for throttling the stopper rod during pouring process.

No Automatic Positioning

Vision technology is not suitable for detection of the pouring cup for automatic positioning. The positioning function is relying on the pour cup location information provided from the molding machine. During bottom pouring operation, over time the metal stream will change shape due to wear and slag built-up on stopper and nozzle. The iron stream may fan out or divert from the vertical after just a few hours of operation. To be successful in measuring the metal level in the pouring cup it is most important to distinguish the iron stream from the metal level. The vision technology accumulates the number of pixels illumined by the radiation from the molten metal. The metal stream and level in the pour cup has the same level of radiation so the stream must be blocked out in order to not effect the actual level measurement.

Large Sprue Cup

For Vision camera technology it is recommended that the sprue cup size is more than 4 times the diameter of the nozzle in order to get sufficient surface areas for measurement. Assuming nozzle diameter of 20 mm, it would require sprue cup size of minimum 80 mm.