Training session drive manufacturing and service capabilities in Asia

A comprehensive training session recently conducted by pour-tech AB with its partner PT. CITRA MELIA DIAMOND in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The primary focus of the training was to empower the Indonesian partner with the necessary knowledge and skills related to the construction and functionality of the pourTECH™ system. This initiative aims to enable local manufacturing capabilities and facilitate on-site service in South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Participants were provided with detailed knowledge of the construction of the system, emphasizing precision and efficiency. The goal is to ensure that the Indonesian partner can independently and effectively assemble the systems to meet the regional demand. The training focused on explaining specific mechanisms and functionalities of the system, like tilting, ladle back tilting, stopper actuator, long travel, and cross travel.

Beyond manufacturing, the training also aimed to equip our partners with the skills needed to provide on-site service support. This includes troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair activities, ensuring that our clients in South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia receive prompt and efficient service without the need for external assistance.

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