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Manual Pouring 

  • Operator pours by joystick or similar 

Semi-Automatic Pouring 

  • Teach-In System 

Automatic Pouring 

  • Pouring Control by laser or camera systems pourTECH 
  • Automatic in-stream inoculation 
  • Automatic Positioning 
  • Temperature monitoring –> Pyrometer 
  • FORCEpour 
  • Automatic Temperature control (furnace) 
  • Storing of all data into a database 

Intelligent Pouring 

  • Self-tuning and learning by EASYpour™ artificial intelligent system 
  • inoTECH monitoring of in-stream inoculation 
  • Mold tracking 

Levels of automation

Semi-automatic pouring

automatic pouring

intelligent pouring

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