pour-tech AB enters the Indian market

pour-tech AB is thrilled to announce THE WESMAN ENGINEERING CO PVT LTD as new partner in India.

The cooperation signifies a key step in expanding the global reach and amplifying the comapnys presence in the Indian market. The partnership with WESMAN is a strategic move aimed at capitalizing on market opportunities in India and further strengthening pour-tech’s position as a leading player in the automation sector. By combining the expertise and resources with WESMAN’s local insights and networks, pour-tech AB intends to offer exceptional services and solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Indian market.

The Vicepresident Ranjan Guhanas the primary point of contact underscores pour-tech’s commitment to fostering strong relationships and ensuring seamless communication. In addition, he brings a wealth of experience, strategic vision, and in-depth understanding of pour-tech’s values and goals.

For inquiries or more information about atomatic pouring in India, please contact Ranjan Guhan via phone +91 (33) 40020338 or mail ranjan.guha@wesman.com

For more information about WESMAN, visit: www.wesman.com

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