What made GIFA so special this year?

More than 45k visitors, 981 exhibitors, 46 represented countries and pour-tech AB was right in the middle: with many highlights and successes!

pour-tech AB is very pleased about lots of leads and conversations with professionals, experts and foundry enthusiasts the company was able to acquire at this year’s biggest trade fair for the foumdry industry. In addition cunsultations and project discussions, pour-tech AB negociated future projects – with success.

Many visitors were attracted by the highhtlights of the booth:

  • The pouring system and its functions were showed including all moving parts, laser and cameras. Special attention was paid to the new incoluation technology. The system could be controlled in real-life on the operator panel or fully automated on the new and user-friendly HMI.
  • The VR area in which the visotors could experience the perfect pour performed by the fully automated system, was THE highlight. Not only the automatic pouring was fascinating, but also the moving charger and back tilt – and the fun of every visitor.
  • Last but not least: The new game-changing solution for thirsty visitors. The automatic beer pouring system showed the perfect pour by using automatic pouring. The shape of the beer dispenser was shaped as pour-tech’s furnace pouring spout and represented automatic pouring. A great way to illustrate the functions and benefits of automatization. Operating and pouring with the system was just as easy as in foundries – thanks to the HMI!

pour-tech AB thanks everybody for visiting the booth, the efficient and fun time at GIFA in Düsseldorf. For more impressions and information about pour-tech AB check out the image video at YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0d-WcaoqPc&t=2s

Source: https://www.gifa.de/de/Ausstellen/Aussteller_werden/Warum_soll_ich_teilnehmen

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Linda Schmitz

Marketing Manager